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Strategic Tax Planning

What is a common saying among our business owner clients? Before they met us, they knew there was something more that they could do to reduce their annual tax liability. they just didn't know how to find us. Fortunately, our strategic tax planning provided them with what they had been searching for: smart, conservative and proven Tax Strategies that would help them keep much more of what they earn every year.

Proven results

Our team of expert Tax Consultants have designed over 6,000 tax plans for business owners for a multitude of Industries across the country. We have clients in virtually every state and on average we've been able to permanently reduce their personal income tax liability by 30 to 40%.

The Demand Media Difference

We combined business strategy and tax law expertise to offer business owners a customized, comprehensive approach to tax planning. Your personal situation and business operation is thoroughly analyzed and considered when constructing your new tax plan. We will work closely with you, your CPA, and your team of advisors during the implementation phase. We will guide you through the specific steps you'll need to take, and the decisions you'll need to make.

Our Philosophy

Strategic tax planning is a forward-looking approach through which our clients maximize wealth and minimize their legal tax liability. This is accomplished by utilizing specific tax reduction approaches tailored to each client's unique situation, and by ensuring that a client’s economic affairs economic affairs are managed, both now and in the future, in the context of an integrated plan geared toward long-term wealth accumulation while still maintaining short-term liquidity. Under this philosophy, Demand Media begins with the economic engine that generates wealth for its clients - their business - and optimizes its tax defenses.

Our Process


Introduction and Client Analysis
We will take a broad overview of your current situation and build a complete picture of your current situation. This information will allow us to move to the next phase.


Tax Analysis and Diagnostics
Our advisors will take an in-depth look into your business structure and current tax situation.


Tax Defence Strategy and Presentation
We will present you with a detailed analysis and plan to reduce your tax liability drastically.


Implementation of Tax Defense
We will begin the process of implementing your tax defense strategy in the most efficient way possible.


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